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National Economic & Environmental Development Study (NEEDS) Pakistan

National Economic & Environmental Development Study (NEEDS)
Malik Amin Aslam Khan
Dr. Pervaiz Amir          (LEAD)
Shakeel Ahmad Ramay (SDPI)
Zuhair Munawar          (SDPI )
Dr.Vaqar Ahmad          (SDPI)

Climate change is today an inescapable reality for Pakistan and is beginning to manifest itself through increasing intensity and ferocity. Pakistan is a country which, owing to its particular geographical circumstances, is highly impacted by any changes in climate making it one of the most vulnerable countries. Yet, it is one of the smallest contributors to the problem of climate change and can, thus, be termed one of the worst victims of “climate injustice”.
Dealing with climate change is no longer a choice for the country – it is an imperative which it has to cope with and adapt to in the foreseeable future. The country does not have the luxury of an “exit” strategy when it comes to facing up to the climate challenge. The costs associated with this interaction need to be estimated to a reasonable degree of accuracy to allow the country to plan, strategize and prepare for this challenge.
As stated, Pakistan is one of the lowest contributors to this global problem but, nevertheless, it has played a leading role in trying to formulate global consensus in addressing this issue demanding collective cooperation. Also, the country is cognizant of its development priorities and is actively seeking both, financial and technological support, to place its undeniable future growth on to a low carbon trajectory.

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